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Spare Parts for Buses, Trolley Buses, Trucks and Agricultural Equipment

Apart from the wide range of the spare parts for all models of MAZ, PAZ, KAVZ, Bogdan, Radimich and Karosa buses “Autosharm” Company also offers spare parts for Belcommunmash trolley buses, different kinds of trucks and agricultural equipment.

You can see the detailed description and prices for spare parts of a brake caliper of ZF AV-132 и RL-85 axles of Belarusian trolley buses.

There are the following spare parts for brake caliper of AV-132 и RL-85 axles of trolley buses: needle bearing, rod, chain, bushing, cup, rubber ring, metal bushing, silent block, bolt, adjuster unit, keep spring, sprocket, tappet component, tensioner, etc.

And the following spare parts for front and rare axles RABA and ZF: brake drum, main bearing bolt, wheel bolt, driver and follower gear, wheel nut, lock disc, brake chamber, joint flange, differential gear set, camshaft, seal, hub bearing, shoe return spring, etc.

We are happy to offer pre-order for engine and transmission mountings, chassis, axle, spring and steering groups, cabin mounting and bushes, cabin rubber and bellows, sealings and repair kits, hoses, silicon hoses, air compressor, clutch servo, unloader valve, leveling valve, clutch master cylinder, foot brake valve, miscellaneous valves, hand brake valves, caliper repair kits, brake actuators, clutch units piston, liner and piston ring of buses and trucks.