Tuesday, 16 October 2012
Poetic Trolley Bus in Brest

This summer in Brest it was conducted a social poetic event called “Poetic Trolley Bus”. At the end of 2012 during 8 days special poetically oriented trolley bus run down the streets.


trolleybus chitaet

Every passenger got a chance to listen to recitations there for free. Special speakers were reciting poems of Belarusian authors; some authors were declaiming their own poems.


The event was conducted under the supervision of Central library named after Pushkin. The main goal of this event was to raise public interest to literature and reading, to enhance the role of libraries in engaging the society into reading. The event was held within the frameworks of Year of Book in Belarus.


 Initiators of the event note: “This event is of high priority because of its social character. Social information that is transmitted helps to develop reading habit among citizens of different kind: children, adults, people in work and students”.