Tuesday, 23 October 2012
The 500th PAZ 320412

In October 2012 Pavlovski factory that is specialized in the production of buses (part of “GAZ Group”) manufactured the 500th bus PAZ 320412.


143347 1_350


Till May 2012 this model was being produced at pilot shop only, but because of big order from Saint-Petersburg this model started to be assembled. Anniversary will be used for commercial purposes (passenger transportation) in North Palmira, this bus with 500 buses more are leased to “PiterAVTO” Company.


Buses that were produced for Saint-Petersburg are made for passenger transportation (24 seats), equipped with Cummins ISF motor (ecological standard Euro 3) and ZF gear box.


PAZ 320412 is subcompact bus, longbase modification of compact PAZ 3204 (7,6 m). This model has three variants of passenger compartment: urban (21/24 seats), suburban (29 seats), intercity (30 seats plus baggage compartment of 1,5 m3). The model can be additionally fitted with air-conditioner, overhead compartment, tinted glass, audio and video system, different variants of passenger seats, seatbelts, etc. The model is notable for good design, conforming to ecological standards. Bus model 320412 is reliable and comfortable, plus quite fuel-efficient.

143347 2_350


In 2011 the model was upgraded and was named “Vector”. For its good operational features and modern facilities it was acknowledged as “The Best Bus” among subcompact buses in Russia in 2011.