Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Miracle Bus in Amsterdam

An extraordinary floating bus for spectacular cruises through the canals of Amsterdam was designed especially for the capital of the Netherlands.





The tourists can buy a ticket for the amphibious Floating Dutchman that thrill them with a ‘splash’ into the water and continue its journey on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. It has 50 passenger seats and it can both ride and float.

The bus was designed by the engineers of the Dutch Amfibious Transport. It was made especially for Amsterdam and calls Floating Dutchman. The bus is quite ecologic: outside the water it uses diesel fuel and it flows with the help of special electric motors.

The bus departs from the Van Gogh Cafe opposite of Central Station. From here the bus drives to the Splash Zone. Once there, it will 'splash' into the canals and show the highlights of the city from the water.