Wednesday, 21 November 2012
Vitebsk Buses are watched

At the beginning of 2012 all the divisions of “Vitebskoblavtotrans” have adopted bus traffic control system connected with the central control unit through GPRS gadgets.


vitebsk avtobusy_img_7214_1_



It means that more than 1000 buses have connections with the central control unit and can send the necessary information there.


The representative of “Vitebskoblavtotrans” Leonid Egorov says that this navigation system is workin in the following way: electronic module identifies the location of a bus, its velocity and the destination (both in country and in city). Then this information is transmitted to the central control unit. GPS gadget identifies latitude, longitude, altitude of the location.


It helps to watch all the buses of the organization online. With the help of such a program you can search for one bus or for the whole bus fleet anywhere in Belarus.


vitebsk avtobusy_v_dispetcherskoy_oao_atp_6_g_novopolotsk_1_



This system guarantees regular bus circulation and minimizes any departures from traffic schedule. It’s very important, especially for the transport that runs from long-distance cities to regional centers.