Tuesday, 27 November 2012
Trolley Buses in Mogilev are equipped with Drive Recorders

“Gorelectrotransport” is aimed to equip all the trolley buses in Mogilev with drive recorders.


Today a lot of trolley buses have already been equipped with such devices and can register traffic situation on their routes. Aleksandr Kuzin, the Head of traffic department of “Gorelectrotransport”, says that the company has already bought 3 devices. It is also often when the drivers themselves set their own devices in the driver’s cabs. It improves safety. So Aleksandr Kuzin sums up that records are made in the majority of routes.





Aleksandr Kuzin also said that driving situation became worse recently because of several reasons. First of all, it’s the amount of transport, besides, the driving style of the so called “schumachers” who have just got driving license. The situation becomes even worse in the rush hour when the majority of passenger cars don’t want to give way to public transport.


The representative of “Gorelectrotransport” also says the following: “We can’t say that the total amount of accidents with public transport raised a lot during last years, but drive records for trolley buses will protect drivers in complicated situations on road and will make them more responsible. That’s why we want to equip all the trolley buses of Mogilev with such devices.