Tuesday, 02 October 2012
MAZ Buses Assembled in Azerbaijan

MAZ Belarusian Corporate Group and Gyandzhinski Automobile Factory signed a contract according to which passenger buses MAZ 256 and MAZ 241 will be assembled on the territory of Azerbaijan.


1347270595 maz-107-04



The first lot consist of 20 automobile sets has already been purchased.


Buses assembled in such a way will be used in Azerbaijan regions and under contractual arrangements will be labeled as Azerbaijanian, not Belarussian.


It should be mentioned that Gyandzhinski Automobile Factory has already been producing “Belarus” tractors of Minsk Tractor Factory and MAZ trucks. The contracts for assembly and sale of these vehicles signed almost 6 years ago. Due to the capacities of Azerbaijan factory it can assembly about 2 000 tractors and several thousand trucks annually.