Tuesday, 01 October 2019
New MAZ bus

Maz will present new model of its bus very soon - at the nearest bus exhibition Busworld that will be on 23-25 October in Moscow.



New bus model – MAZ 216 – first belarussian bus with motor located in rear part. Also it has new joint assembly of Hubner production and low step level. It's very spacious inside the cabin – there is much space for parents with babies and for wheelchair persons.

New MAZ dimensions – 18m length, 2,55m width and 3,1m highness. There will be Allison automatic gear box inside and Mercedes OM 926 motor, Euro-5 (Euro-6 for export). The model is made for city, it has much space, air conditioned with the possability for warmth. There are 40 MAZ brand seats inside, it holds 170 passengers.

MAZ 216 has been made for 6 months. The works started in Dzerzhinsk, final assembly was made in Minsk. It is planned to export the bus to near and far abroad countries. There is demand for the model in Estonia, Poland, Serbia. 

In MAZ the say that the model produced will becoma a new era of the development of belarussion bus production and will help to promote it at foreign market. It is all because push rod actuator, as such technology is very popular abroad and will help to drive up demand of belarussian buses.

New bus will be presented at Busworld exhibition on 23-25 October in Moscow.


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